10 Business Podcats

Good morning! I hope you’re all ready for a productive day ahead of you. If like me, you’re working from home today then it’s important to have a strong cup of tea to hand and a selection of podcasts for when you don’t want to work in silence. Podcasts are equally as important for those of you with a daily commute.

I enjoy a wide variety of podcasts including comedy and true stories, but during the day I stick with business based ones. So, if you’re looking to learn something new or just need a burst of motivation then I recommend subscribing to some of these podcasts.

Dexterous Diva – Packed with interviews, tips on working smarter and balancing business and life.

Eventual Millionaire – Focused on interviews with millionaire entrepreneurs to talk failures, advice and positive tips.

Mixergy Interviews – Insightful interviews with entrepreneurs to uncover their mistakes, wins and tips.

Pat Flynn – Practical tips and strategies as well as a mixture of interviews.

The Get Paid Podcast – Diving into the world of running an online business and the expenses involved.

The Introvert Entrepreneur – Focused on business, leadership and personal growth from the perspective of an introvert.

How Did You Get Into That? – Interviews with people from many interesting walks of life.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Interviews with talent from many industries to discover their practical tactics and tricks.

Entrepreneur On Fire – Each episode is focused on interviews with entrepreneurs sharing the ups and downs of their business adventures.

Make It Happen – Practical tips, interviews and tips for blogs and creative businesses.

Please feel free to share your favourite podcasts in the comment section below.