5 Ways To Free Yourself From Self-doubt


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If you want to be successful then it’s very important to free yourself from self-doubt otherwise you’ll find it holding you back. It’s negative energy that you do not need in your life. You can’t shift it overnight, but you can start making some small, positive steps towards freeing yourself from it.

Here are 5 simple ways to kick self-doubt to the curb:

Don’t compare yourself to others: I know, everyone says this and it’s much easier said than done. However, it’s the one you should take most seriously. Take inspiration from the people around you, the people you admire and let their success inspire and motivate you.

Set monthly goals: I’m all about the goals. They help you to stay focused and invest your energy into the important tasks. Long-term goals are good but ensuring you have a few smaller goals each month will help you to see how you’ve improved within the space of 4 weeks.

Surround yourself with positive people: Spend more time with the positive people within your life than the negative ones. Embrace the people who support the work you do.

Take time off: This can be very hard, especially when you’re self-employed. Your business is your baby, you want to care for it 24/7 but sometimes you need to take a break. A day out with friends, walking in the countryside or sipping wine in the garden is all you need. When I get ‘round to doing this I often find that I’m left raring to go and filled with motivation.

Join a support network: You can do this IRL (in real life – you’ll see this a lot here on Llama Social) or online. The idea is to spend time with like-minded people. I’ve recently created the Dream Do Club with my good business pal, Sophie from Onetenzeroseven. The idea behind the network is to support, guide and champion small business owners.

So, are you ready to kick self-doubt to the curb?