Continue learning with free online courses

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I think it’s very important to keep learning throughout life. There are so many courses available online and offline, there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube and just a quick Google will point you in the right direction for all of your curious questions. There’s no excuse to stop learning, especially with the amount of free material available to us today.

I’ve set myself the challenge of taking 30 courses before my 30th birthday (April 2017). So far I’ve completed a couple of photography classes, an online blogging course, a make-up class and a cookery day. I’m keen to improve and build upon my current skill-set as well developing my interest and knowledge in new areas.

Taking new courses, listening to educational podcasts or videos will encourage you to open up your mind to new ways of thinking as well as consuming different topics outside your main areas of interest. Learning something new will help you to discover new hobbies, build upon your career or maybe even ignite a career change. There’s so much possibility.

I thought I’d share 4 online websites where you can take free courses. Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve used any of them before.

Future Learn – It’s free to study with Future Learn (owned by The Open University) but at the end of the course you’re given the opportunity to purchase a certificate. I’ve just started a course on Global Food Security via Lancaster University. I’ll let you know how I get along with it.

Alison – This site has over 750 free courses available. They have a wide range of subjects including; languages, web development, business and many more. At the end of your course you’re given the option to purchase a certificate.

Codecademy – This site gives you the chance to learn to code in an interactive and engaging way. It’s straightforward to use and really gives everyone the chance to learn about coding. I started one of their courses a few years back but then I went self-employed and decided to take a step back from it. I’d love to get back into it but I just can’t fit it into my current schedule. Let me know if you give this a try.

Open2Study – Open Universities Australia host a wide variety of free courses to give you a taster into new topics.

When did you last take a course?