How to use Twitter lists for your business (2)

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Over on my lifestyle blog I shared a post filled with 13 practical Pinterest tips. I’ve picked out 5 of the most important ones for small businesses and I’m sharing them here on Llama Social.

Actually, before I kick off the list I want to highlight something very important. Something that will change the way in which you utilise Pinterest.

Are you ready?

Pinterest is NOT a social network, it’s a visual search engine.

So, stop worrying about how many followers you have, instead focus on the following:

  • Write in-depth descriptions: forget about hashtags and spend time writing out full sentences about your pin
  • Optimise your website: ensure that pins can easily be shared straight from your content
  • Board location: Move boards to the top of the page in accordance to the time of year
  • If you’re a blog or business then be sure to convert to a business account for access to analytics
  • Plan boards 2 months in advance. Start pinning about Autumn and Halloween now! Like you needed any more of an excuse.

Can’t get enough of the Pinterest tips? Make your way over to Prettygreentea for an overview of the more talked about tips and hints.

Feel free to leave a link to your Pinterest page and I’ll be sure to check it out.

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